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time tracking

...but love being in control of their business!

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Time tracking

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We know that time is your most valuable resource, so let us help you get the most of it and increase your revenue.


  • Invoice more hours with precise time tracking
  • Track time using a web browser, iPhone, Android or desktop tracker
  • Both online and offline time tracking
  • Get the full overview of project progress
  • Use data for personal development



TimeLog Project adresses…

The bookkeeper The chief financial officer The resource coordinator The project member The CEO The project manager


  • In a former company we increased the revenue with €270,000 by using TimeLog Project to analyse the profitability on all projects. Therefore TimeLog Project is now Carve Consulting's business tool number 1!

    Michael Rasmussen
    Partner, Carve Consulting
  • After implementing TimeLog Project, we improved follow up on projects, and we now have less projects exceeding the budgeted time.

    Håkon Gill
    Creative Director and Business Developer, byBrick
  • Previously, we did not finish our invoicing until the 10th each month. Today, with TimeLog Project, we do it the same day.

    Britt Eggert Behrend
    Business manager, Specialisterne

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