History and values

Since its establishment, TimeLog has experienced an impressive rise in demand from domestic as well as foreign markets.

Founded in 2001 by Søren Lund and Jakob Mikkelsen, a consulting engineer and an IT project manager, respectively, TimeLog’s vision was to develop a user-friendly web-based software system for consulting companies. The aim of the system was to support project managers and their colleagues in registering working hours and managing projects.

Market leading in time registration

Since its foundation in 2001, TimeLog has grown rapidly. Today, the company holds a market-leading position in time registration solutions for small and medium-sized consultancy firms. Meeting an ever-increasing demand for solutions focusing on workflow efficiency, TimeLog’s customer portfolio has grown to encompass organisations of varying sizes, 35% of which are international.

Evidently the right strategy for TimeLog, demand in Denmark as well as in Europe has been impressive. This has resulted in a stable annual growth in revenue at 20% these past three years.

Value Your Time

Today, TimeLog employs about 30 people, the majority of which are based at our HQ in central Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Additionally, TimeLog has a development department in Malaysia and a sales office in Stockholm.

At TimeLog, our mission is to optimise the way we use our time at work to meet our objectives – personal, project-related or business-oriented – without losing track.

We call it Value Your Time.

Our values

We believe in the valid argument

We believe in the valid argument

  • At TimeLog it is – and has to be – the well-reasoned argument that wins. Our business philosophy is built around believing in the good idea, and we want that to be clearly visible and influential in our daily work, in relation to colleagues and to our customers and users.
    Therefore, we strive towards having strong one-on-one dialogues with our customers and believe in the value of a flat organisation where the internal communication allows all employees to give suggestions and try out new ideas.
We are innovative

We are innovative

  • We want our customers to consider TimeLog as a supplier that clearly stands out from our competitors and continuously seeks to develop new solutions for time tracking and ERP systems.
    For that reason it is essential that we are constantly on the cutting edge of the latest trends and the most innovative technology.
    We try to diminish traditional sales and service principles through the use of the internet’s potential as a sales and service platform.
    We nurture the innovative environment and have the patience to invest time and resources in innovation.

We take responsibility

We take responsibility

  • We want our company to be noted for our great responsibility in business relationships.
    Our product is in many cases our customers’s most business critical system. We want to match up to this responsibility by supplying secure and high-quality software and services.
    That means that our customers’ business-related challenges also are our challenges.
    Those challenges are part of our daily work, and we therefore expect a high degree of responsibility in-house.
We are focused

We are focused

  • Developing standardised products is – and has to be – TimeLog’s core competence.
    We believe that the development of standardised products to a clearly defined niche, can give our customers the most value. In order to enhance this focus we have from the beginning operated on the global market.
    Deselection is in this case a necessity which we believe serves our customers’ best interest. Therefore, we will always be a product house; a choice that is sacred to us.
We believe in dedication

We believe in dedication

  • At TimeLog we believe that value creation is achieved through dedication.
    We are passionate about solving problems in our niche area, and the quality of our software and services is measured in the value we create for our customers.
    We create value for our customers through personal and professional interest in the business processes our products include and the technical solutions we apply.

We nourish profitability

We nourish profitability

  • Profitability is an overall feature of TimeLog’s business and our customers’, use of our software and services.
    Our customers have to feel that our software makes a difference, but with a significantly little cost both financially and in terms of time.
    Our customers need to experience that TimeLog eases their daily work, and that they benefit personally from using the systems.
    Our employees have to feel that TimeLog, in the short and long term, is a rewarding workplace. Therefore, we emphasise further education, responsibility and that our employees strengthen their individual competences.