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One system is all you need

The systems and processes that support your daily operations – in particular the ones that affect all your employees – are not often replaced. Finding a system to meet your company’s needs for years to come is essential.

It is important that the system that all employees are dependent on each day for time tracking is developed with focus on supporting the work processes and the need for steering the company, irrespective of the size of the company.

You need a system that helps you go "from good to excellence" in cooperation with a partner that gives you the necessary insight to achieve your goals. 

Contracts is a management tool, that provides a quality lift in your business, and is the focal point for the entire business. Therefore, we offer eight different contract types and the possibility for each contract to contain several contracts, so you get the full overview of the total project economy and progress on each single contract.

TimeLog Project especially levels at the following industries and organisations where time is the most important resource:  

What's in it for me?

All companies and organisations have some overall strategic targets.  These targets must be reached through your employees.

Depending on the employee’s work area, there is different demands and needs for the business system. It is important to meet these to get the best use of the system, and thereby the correct data to base decisions on.

We have described the benefits the different employees get from using TimeLog Project, and how we support their daily work processes:



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