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New Release - TimeLog Project 5.2

The newest version of TimeLog Project has been released.

This is a minor release, which focuses on improvements in functionality and performance, rather than new features.

In addition to the listed improvements, we have been working on performance to make version 5.2 faster than previous versions. This is a high priority for us, and we will continue to improve the speed in upcoming releases.

New features and improvements in TimeLog Project 5.2

TimeLog Tracker:

We’ve made some changes to the design of TimeLog Tracker -- the list of allocated projects is clearer and more compact, and the buttons have a more streamlined design.

In the near future, we will be working to add support cases and absences to TimeLog Tracker, so that TimeLog Tracker can be used for all time registration.

New report – Contribution Analysis:

We have created a new report, “Contribution Analysis”, which can be found in Management Reports (F9), under the heading “Analysis Reports”. The report makes it possible to analyse the contribution analysis and contribution ratio across customers, projects, and employees. It is also possible to choose between the contribution ratio calculation for Actual, Estimated, or Booked As Revenue (BAR) values.

In contrast to the existing Contribution Margin report, the report also includes expenses and travel expenses in the contribution ratio analysis.

The old Contribution Margin report will be active until manually disabled in System Administration: Menu and Report Configuration – Management Reports. The new report can also be activated here, under the heading "Analysis Reports".

Billable / Non-billable in Debtor list - Invoices:

Under “Debtor list – Invoices” you can immediately choose whether items are billable or not. Click the registration number in the Item column, and select the registrations in the pop-up window to change billable status. Select the new billable action in the option list.

Billable / Non-billable Support Contact:

Version 5.2 re-introduces the option to make support contracts billable or non-billable in TimeLog Help Desk.

Start date for Extranet access:

If your customers have the ability to see their support cases in TimeLog Extranet, it is now possible to set a specific date for permitted access. The date can be entered in the TimeLog Help Desk, which opens in System Administration.

MS Project import:

The MS Project import has undergone some small adjustments that increase usability.

64-bit version:

Installed customers can now run TimeLog Project on a 64-bit web-server.

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Thomas Gudmandsen

Thomas Gudmandsen

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