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New release - TimeLog Project 5.3

New security model, new reports, and the first part of TimeLog Project's new API.

Over the summer, we completed a number of minor improvements to TimeLog Project, which we are now gathering in a minor release – version 5.3.

The release includes two new reports, adjustments and consistency corrections in the user interface, new options in TimeLog Tracker, and the first part of TimeLog Projects new API.

The individual user will only experience that TimeLog is a tiny bit faster and more consistent, but otherwise identical.

The API was designed to integrate with other systems, and to facilitate the external development of add-ons to TimeLog Project, such as mobile time tracking clients. We released an iPhone app in the spring that uses the new API to exchange data with TimeLog Project.

V5.3 also covers a restructuring of rights management in TimeLog Project. For the first time, users now have the opportunity to differentiate which users have access to TimeLog Project extensions.


New reports in v5.3

New report – Sales pipeline

The Sales Pipeline report is a part of TimeLog CRM, and is geared towards the Sales Manager or Administrative Director who would like to be able to analyze the individual salesperson's pipeline. The report presents a clear view of the sales pipeline, and answers the following questions:

  1. How many items does the seller have at various stages of the sales process?
  2. What are the respective weighted and full value of the pipeline in the various stages of the sales process?
  3. What concrete leads is the seller working on?

The Sales Pipeline report is good for businesses with a sizeable sales staff, and where they work with a significant number of sales leads at a time. The sales manager can quickly and precisely create a "top-down" analysis on the following levels:

  1. Seller's total pipeline – grouped by month/quarter (€/Leads total)
  2. Seller's pipeline summed by step of sales process
  3. Seller's pipeline by sales lead

The report can be filtered in a number of ways, such as country, industry code, customer status (sales process) and department (if you are using the TimeLog Departments module), and be exported to MS Excel, MS Word, and all other standard export formats in TimeLog.

New report – Sign-off report

The Sign-off Report is designed for consultants who need to send each customer a monthly report of time spent so that the customer can sign off on the time consumption. The report provides a printer-friendly overview of time spent per day, and the consultant and client's information, so the report can just be easily printed and sent to the customer.

For every day that time is registered, the time consumption is documented with information about which phases have registered time, possible comments from time registrations, and the collected time consumption.

The printout can either display every day of the month, to easily compare month-by-month, it can be limited to the days where there is registered time, or dates can be selected by the user.

New security structure in TimeLog Project

In TimeLog Project 5.3, TimeLog's security and user management is updated and now more flexible. In this version, this means that you can control exactly which employees have access to the various modules. In this way, you can control who should use extensions such as TimeLog CRM or TimeLog Help Desk.

From a longer-term perspective, for future versions of TimeLog Project, this conversion means that the user will be able to define access roles and thereby control precisely which functions and pages the individual user should access in TimeLog Project.

TimeLog API v2.0

In v5.3, the first delivery of our new API is introduced. An API is an interface to an IT system that makes it possible to exchange data and integrate with other IT systems.

The API guarantees a 3-year lifetime on solutions developed from a certain version of the API from the version's release date.

The first release of the new API contains the basic security model and two API modules; one for synchronizing customers, and one for time registration. The latter module is used in connection with the development of TimeLog Tracker and Tracker for iPhone.

We will continue to work to extend the API with new modules. In upcoming releases, we will support all data, including that which is used to exchange data between TimeLog Project and financial systems.

Minor expansion of TimeLog Tracker

TimeLog Tracker has expanded search functionality in the new version.

If your TimeLog Project is set up to have all employees register time on all active projects and phases, you can switch between searching in the projects/projects phases that the employee is allocated to, to searching in all active projects/project phases by clicking the small magnifying glass in the search box.

Searching in allocated projects/project phases will create a local search in the already-downloaded project phases while a search in all projects will create a search query directly into your TimeLog Project.

Version 5.4 on the way

That was the news for version 5.3. We are already on the way with version 5.4, which will be released in November. Version 5.4 will offer a bigger update of TimeLog Project's Project Management module, which will include new features such as project stages, ETC, easier allocation of time by project groups, and much more.

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