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TimeLog Project 5.4 is soon to released

The next major version of TimeLog Project is on the way. This release contains a radical restructuring of the whole approach to working with projects.

News and improvements in TimeLog Project 5.4

While we’re very much looking forward to everyone enjoying and benefitting from TimeLog Project 5.4, the update will take a steady pace over the next few months.

There are big changes in store, and we want to make sure that the entire process is a good experience, and that we are able to support all of our customers.

Everyone will receive notification regarding the time of their update.

Every customer will be notified in good time prior to the update, and the update will occur at night to disturb as few customers as possible in their work.

If TimeLog Project looks cluttered after the update, the browser’s memory should be cleared – this is done in Windows by holding the Ctrl button down, and clicking F5. On a Mac, hold down the Cmd button (with the Apple logo) and click “R”.

Updating TimeLog Tracker

A new feature in TimeLog Project 5.4 is the ability to create project schedules with up to five levels of tasks. This means that TimeLog Tracker and TimeLog Tracker for iPhone should be updated. For the TimeLog Tracker, this will occur automatically, while TimeLog Tracker for iPhone users can update already directly from their iPhone, or via iTunes.

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Anders Brandstrup

Anders Brandstrup

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