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New release: TimeLog Project 5.4

TimeLog Project just celebrated its 10th anniversary. We’ve restructured the project module with new technology, in keeping with customers’ needs.

We’ve pulled out all the stops to improve speed and increase the ability to work effectively. We’ve also laid the groundwork for upcoming features, and an API.

With customers of varying sizes and maturity, we needed to be able to accommodate both a quick project creation, and more complex project formats. We believe that we have accomplished this.

One project plan with it all

Projects can now be planned in up to five levels. For convenience, tasks can now be moved and copied directly just by using your mouse.

The creation and editing of tasks with associated allocations are done directly in the project plan, which now appears in three views: hourly, amount, and the Gantt chart.

Easy resource allocation

It’s also easier to add employees to tasks, and manage hours, hourly rates, and time registrations using tools such as our new resource groups, and through new presets for the project.

Project finances are clear-cut

One of TimeLog Project’s greatest attributes is the depth of the management of project financials. Project totals have been streamlined, making project financials easier to read.

The new project factor is a figure that everyone can use as a guideline for the project’s current financial status.

Workflow, from two perspectives

Projects can now have up to seven different statuses, with the current status clearly marked. The contractual aspect is now more fine-grained, and it is easier to follow the progress of projects.

Additionally, internal and technical progress are controlled in stages that you define yourself by your own workflow.

Save time on routine and repetition

We’ve removed repetition in the management of projects and added some needed features. Although TimeLog Project has become more advanced, it is now easier to work with.

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