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TimeLog Project 5.6

This version includes two major new functionalities and some minor changes to existing functionalities, such as the much desired possibility to be able to invoice customers in a number of different currencies instead of in only one, set currency.

For everyone who wants to save time while invoicing, the new invoice line export is an important tool because this report can be set to handle precisely the requirements that your financial system has with regard to import requirements. This will make transferring your invoices to your financial system easier and eliminate the need for entering information manually.

In addition, we offer a new dimension to your time registrations: the possibility to make your own user-defined comment field. 


Improved existing functionality:

Report: Redistribution of time

In this report it is possible to divide one time registration into two different registrations. We have now also added the possibility to divide the related comments so that the correct comments are attached to the individual registrations. 

Report: Payment plans – overview

Department filters have now been added to the segmentation criteria for those who use TimeLog Departments

Report: Revenue – general

An extra dimension has been added to this report so that you can now choose between showing the revenue either in the invoiced value or the value of the booked income. This is particularly useful for users of TimeLog EVM

Invoicing in different currencies

It is now possible to differ from the chosen currency on the customer card when invoicing. Previously it was only possible to change the currency on the customer card itself. With this change, invoicing in TimeLog Project has become even more flexible.

Optional dimension connected with the invoice potential

In versions 5.5 and 5.6 we introduced both product numbers and a user-defined comment field. It is now optional which of these dimensions or which task type is shown in your invoice potential. Therefore it is easier to manually group the invoice lines in accordance with these registrations. You can select the dimension you want in the invoice settings in the System Administration. This is also where you can activate a grouping function for the user-defined comment field when invoice lines are attached to an invoice.


Exporting invoice lines

There are thousands of different financial systems on the market and therefore also just as many file formats that are required for being able to import data into the financial systems. In TimeLog Project 5.6 it is now possible to adjust the exporting of invoice lines so that they fulfil the financial system's import requirements precisely. By using the general settings of this export, you can easily export data in the correct file format with the correct columns in the correct sequence without first having to modify data in Excel yourself. 

Thus, each month, you can save time on these manual processes and easily transfer your invoices for further processing in your financial system – the only thing this requires is that your financial system can import files. 

Configuring the exportation of invoice lines

Exportation must be configured at two levels so that the import requirements that are in the financial system are fulfilled. This involves: 

  • The general properties such as file formats, date formats and number of decimals.
  • The setting up of which sequence data is to be structured in the invoice lines and which columns are to be included in the export.

The configuration takes place in the System Administration under Finances / Invoicing and the export functionality itself is under Management Reports. 

Contact to receive and offer based on the import requirements of your financial system if you do not wish to set up the format yourselves. 


User-defined comment field

If you need to register more than just hours together with the time registrations (in addition to general comments), we have now developed an extra user-defined comment field for this purpose. 

This provides completely new possibilities with regard to time registration in TimeLog Project, because you can now register, for example, an external support case number or something completely different with each individual time registration. 

Configuring the user-defined comment fields

The user-defined comment field is configured in the System Administration underTime Tracking Setup.. Then it is possible to use the user-defined comments field in all TimeLog Project time tracking interfaces and in TimeLog Tracker for Android and iPhone. 

You decide yourselves what to call the user-defined comment field because it can be used for your specific requirements. You indicate the name in Time Tracking Setup in the System Administration and this will then be shown in TimeLog Project’s interfaces. You can also choose to what extent it will be obligatory to include data in the comments field. There are three possibilities: 

  • Yes, it must be used: In this case, it is obligatory for every single time registration, and you cannot save time registrations without indicating data in the field.
  • No, it is optional: This means that it is not obligatory to complete the field.
  • Decided on task level: The project manager decides whether it is obligatory to complete the field for each individual task.

Which data can be registered?

There are two options for what can be registered:


  • All characters allowed: Here you can write both sentences and numbers.
  • Integers only: : Here it is only possible to enter integers; that is, neither text nor decimals. This is useful if, for example, you are to report the number of units per time registration and it makes it easy to extract to Excel or pivot reports.

Where is this data shown?

If you want to invoice based on sorting the user-defined comment field, it is possible to have it displayed in the invoice potential instead of task types. This makes it possible to sort the invoice lines based on what is entered. This is selected under Invoice Settings in the System Administration. We have also added the possibility to group invoice lines based on the user-defined comment field. 

Data from the user-defined comment field can be seen in the following places in TimeLog Project:


    • The Time Registrations report(under Project Administration): It is possible to obtain a subtotal for each unique text when the extra text column is sorted.
    • In all interfaces with the possibility to see detailed time registration information in a pop-up window.

In the detailed weekly note (F11).

From these interfaces it is also possible to obtain data to be included to exports to other file formats so that you can do further work with it. 

Which versions offer these new features?

Both TimeLog Business and TimeLog Enterprise will include the abovementioned new features.

In TimeLog Team, the new available features will be the Revenue - General report and invoicing in different currencies.

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