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Increased quality assurance when closing projects

TimeLog Project 5.7 now offers many useful improvements. Among the most significant is a new close project feature which also checks if you’ve remembered everything – and notifies you in case you haven’t. A smart way to perform quality assurance of your KPIs.

Until now, closing projects was a lengthy process. Before closing the project fully, the project manager often had to review every single time registration, payment plan and invoice to make sure everything was done properly and that project finances were balanced. Thanks to the close project feature in TimeLog Project 5.7, this entire process is now easier and faster.

Notifies you of any missing data before closing

The new close project feature excels by automatically checking whether all tasks have been closed, and whether project finances are balanced, e.g. are there any incongruences between invoiced work and work booked as revenue. Rest assured that if no notification appears, this system-wide feature has checked everything of relevance before closing your project. The system checks all variables for incongruences and ensures quality assurance of your KPIs.

New change log

Once a project is closed, a status window pops up, showing the location of any incongruences as links for you to click through and resolve one by one. If you do not wish to resolve these incongruences, they will appear as entries in a project summary box. This summary box serves as part of the system’s new change log, which detects all changes made to the project and may thus prove an invaluable tool in locating mistakes while the project is running and subsequently.

All roads lead to Rome – and the invoicing module

If TimeLog Project found any non-invoiced items during its rounds, these will be shown in the status box when closing the project. From here, you can click each item, which leads you directly to the invoicing module where you can choose to invoice or not. If you choose not to, these non-invoiced items will be included in a summary box of reported project issues.


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