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TimeLog Project 5.8

It’s full speed ahead at TimeLog. At the moment, we’re rolling out TimeLog Project 5.8. For this upgrade, we’ve put together a video presentation of the new features

Expect the best – and get it.

Version 5.8 offers a range of improvements and new shortcuts to tackle routine jobs, reduce the number of mouse clicks and add even more features to our familiar interface. With this upgrade, you no longer need to create new customers before affiliating them with projects. Simply create a project – and create and affiliate your customer simultaneously.

Here’s our video presentation:

NEW! QuickCreate. Create projects from anywhere within TimeLog Project

One of our new features lets you create projects from anywhere within TimeLog Project. Enter or designate customers and project names, create tasks and hourly rates and allocate employees with just a few clicks. Now you’re set to start tracking your time. With this new feature, you reduce the number of mouse clicks while streamlining your version of TimeLog Project. Try out the new feature from the weekly timesheet, the resource planner, the home page or the customer card. 

Tune-up: new project features

With version 5.8, you can create hourly rates and contacts on the project card automatically. This consolidates several features and provides faster and more efficient project creation with new customers. You can now change project status from anywhere within the project. Just click the project status button to change it immediately. Also, the old “change hourly rates on time registrations” feature is back. Simply double-click and edit the hourly rate from anywhere within the overview.

IMPROVED: resource affiliation and management

When searching for resources to allocate to a project, we’ve added a button that lets you add employees with a few clicks of a button. Add multiple employees simultaneously using the existing checkbox, or add employees one at a time with the “+” button next to them. Similarly, a new context menu next to each project task lets you add resources directly. The quick search feature searches for employee names and allows you to add them immediately.

NEW: assign titles, initials, etc. to contacts

All customers now have fields for initials, salutations and job titles as well as one for a nickname. You can search for nickname, and you can add all the fields to your invoice templates. The new options allow you to create invoice templates to match specific cultural norms. To enable this feature, go to System Administration → TimeLog CRM (or Customers & Contacts) → Settings.

IMPROVED: options for deleting and editing information

It’s never been easier to delete or edit data on customers, contacts, events, relations, opportunities and projects. The customer card, for example, now features a button next to each contact which allows you to delete that contact or entire projects directly from within the project’s own card.

IMPROVED: invoicing

In terms of invoicing, version 5.8 has been stripped of the draft feature allowing you to create preliminary invoices. The original process required too many steps to create an invoice. And now, adding registrations to invoices using the “+” button has made the process even easier. Collecting multiple registrations on one invoice line remains unchanged.

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