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It is easy to expand your projects

Have you ever tried to expand a project after e.g. upselling, and were you tired of adding tasks and resources manually?

With this new feature it is possible to add project templates in existing projects. When you do, the template is added to the entire project plan while the "Settings" page is not altered; this can only be done on new projects.

Tempaltes can now be used to:

  • Expand an existing project, e.g. due to upselling
  • Repair a project build on a wrong or without a template
  • Create projects based on predefined settings and performances, so your projects are created consistently throughout the organisation.
  • Define generic upselling packages incl. budgets and resources which are easily added at a later stage of the project, you will save time and secure consistent projects.

When the task template is added, the start date defines when the first task in the template should start. All other tasks are placed relatively to this date, as when you create a new project using your project templates.

Here is a project before addition of a template:



Here is where a template is added:


Here are the options when adding a template:



The project as it looks after a template is added to the project:




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Melanie S. Nielsen

Melanie S. Nielsen
Melanie S. Nielsen
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