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How do I delete customers with projects on them?

We are often asked how to delete a customer, when projects are already created and linked to the customer.

There are two solutions for this:

  1. All time registrations on the projects linked to customers are moved to a different project, and hereafter the projects are deleted. If you have invoiced hours on the projects, you need to make a credit note per project.
  2. You may create a new customer status, e.g. "Inactive customers/delete", and link it to the customers in question. Under Customer status, you then mark that it is not possible to create projects on these customers, and they are thereby not shown in your drop-down menus. A tip is to write XX in front of the name, e.g. XXTimeLog A/S, as they are then not shown when using the Super search field. It will still be possible to find them using the percentage sign in the Super search field and in the search field under Search customers.

We use the last method in TimeLog, and it works really well for os.

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Maiken Blok

Maiken Blok
Maiken Blok
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