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Do you use the Super search field in your daily work?

Do you want to save time and clicks, if you are in doubt where to find the information you are looking for?

The Super search field is placed to the right in the menu, and the shortcut key is F2, which is selected as default. You may change this under your Personal settings in your personal menu in the top right corner. We have improved it, so you can search for customers, contact persons, projects, invoices, employees and support cases.

If you click the Super search action menu, you can search in one or more specific parts of the system. If you do not select anything, the Super search will search the entire system, grouping results by area.

If you use the percentage sign, you can be more specific in your search. If you e.g. have a contact person called Phillip, and you are unsure whether it is written with F or Ph, you can write %illip in the search field and all contact persons with illip in their first or last names occur. In the same way, you can search for projects or a last name in the Super search.


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Maiken Blok

Maiken Blok
Maiken Blok
Customer support and Language localisation

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