Tips & tricks

Useful tips for general use in the system

These useful tips may help you simplify your working procedures and help you become more efficient.

  1. You can always right click and open your interface in a new tab. It is determined by the browser you use. This enables you to change information in one place without leaving the page you are working on
  2. The lightning, which is available on several pages in TimeLog Project, contains functionalities relevant for the specific pages in the product. If you e.g. are working on a project, you can use the lightning to copy a project and create a new invoice
  3. When entering dates in TimeLog Project, you do not have to enter the entire date and use hyphens. If you need a date in this year, you can do with writing e.g. 1212 which is automatically formated to 12-12-2015. If you need a date next year, you enter the year as well, e.g. 100116 becomes 10-01-2016
  4. F12 functions as shortcut to the comments field, when entering hours in your weekly timesheet. Press once and you automatically jump down to the comments field, and when you press F12 again, you jump back to the hour field
  5. On every page in the system, you can create a personalised keyboard shortcut by clicking the gears and the Page settings tab. It is a prerequisite that you do not use shortcuts that are already used as default by the system. This may ease your work with reporting and searching for employees
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Maiken Blok

Maiken Blok
Maiken Blok
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