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Rights for help functionalities and processes

We have made it possible for you as a TimeLog Project user to write your own help texts within the system.

You do this by clicking the question mark and speech bubble icon to the right. In this way, you can help both yourself and your colleagues to better benefit from the system. Please note that the icons change colours depending on which page you are on in the system, and the information you enter is specific for this page.

Your manager must activate the help functionality in the System administration -> Employees -> User role and rights management -> Role -> Area -> Account and general settings -> User role privileges.


If you want to describe general processes in TimeLog Project, you can use the pink folder icon to the left, where it is possible to explain and describe work processes. Here, you can enter a step by step explanation of a process, e.g. how you track time or how you do your invoicing. When you create a process, you must enter a name and a description, and you can mark whether this process is for you personally, or if you want to share it with the rest of the organisation. You may enter as many steps as you like, and it is possible to link to pages both within and outside TimeLog Project. This may ease the start for new employees, as they then know exactly how your processes are handled.

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Maiken Blok

Maiken Blok
Maiken Blok
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