Integration for Exact Online – keep track of your finances

Exact Online

Control over the finances

The integration between Exact Online and TimeLog Project secures a fast process when invoicing.

Your finance department has its point of departure in the financial system with creditors and debtors, whereas the rest of the organisation has its point of departure in customers and projects.

With the move of data between TimeLog Project and Exact Online you give all your employees the best-of-breed systems available in the market.

The benefits for your business

You no longer need to worry about slow, manual processes during your monthly invoicing. We have made it easy for you, and you save time and avoid errors in manual entries

The benefits for the finance department:

  • Easy transfer of invoices
  • Easy transfer of customers and contacts
  • Full overview of the invoices in both systems
  • Make use of TimeLog Projects invoice process where project managers mark which invoices that are ready for invoicing

The benefits for you as a business owner:

  • Simple time / expense tracking with both online and offline tracking incl. smart phone apps
  • Invoices made in TimeLog Project are based on precise time tracking and contract types, which ensures all hours are included
  • You can always follow the invoicing potential
  • You can have multiple contracts on the same projects – so even af complex project can be easy to handle
  • Pull reports and make financial analysis on your projects including the financial figures
  • Possible to use our resource planning and forecasting

At the same time, you have the full overview of the project finance in TimeLog Project, and project managers may follow each single invoice and see if the customers have been invoiced without asking the book keeper for details.

Setting up the free integration

The integration is free of charge and only needs to be set up once via TimeLog Project. Hereafter, data is easily transferred between the two systems. You will have a sense of one ERP system well aware that you are using two of the most widespread systems in the market.

All data transfer in both systems are logged in TimeLog Project for easy error tracking.

For further technical information, read our guide for setting up the integration.


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