Integration for, JIRA and Microsoft TFS



Gather time tracking and project finances in one place

Development departments often manage their development projects in special systems such as JIRA or TFS, give all departments the best tool to support their work. is a Project Portfolio Management-platform that fully integrates with TimeLog Project.

The integration secures minimal administration costs and synchronises all time trackings with your projects. makes project planning, budgeting and execution predictable and profitable by using intelligent algorithms.

Integration to JIRA and TFS also offers to link other systems to TimeLog Project such as Microsoft TFS (Team Foundation Server) and JIRA. You thereby only need to track time and do your invoicing in TimeLog Project, and your development department can use specialised development systems to secure their planning of future development projects and releases.

By linking TimeLog Project to these systems, you secure your full invoicing potential. If you have development tasks to be invoiced, the hours are automatically linked to the contract settlement type which is applicable for the projects. The hours are thereby not lost, and you have the full overview of the total project finances.

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