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Manage your projects and working hours with the right tools for the job, and leave invoicing and debitor management to accounts.

Is your organisation using Microsoft NAV? And do you find retrieving hours a time-consuming process?
Are you looking for a user-friendly business solution combining precise and simple time registration with financial project management features, while leaving central administration to the financial system?

Using TimeLog’s integration feature for NAV, you can meet both demands.


Track time correctly, and improve invoicing

Stylish and user-friendly, TimeLog’s time registration software facilitates the retrieval of hours online as well as offline. Precise registrations lead to improved invoicing. This allows you to combine professional time- and project-management tools with efficient financial management using NAV. 

The TimeLog Project and Navision/Axapta integration offers:

  • Real-time automatic synchronisation of customers and contacts in either system
  • Import of existing product numbers from NAV into TimeLog Project
  • Quick and easy invoice transfer from TimeLog Project to NAV
  • Automatic updating of invoice statuses between NAV and TimeLog Project
  • Expense creation in NAV and export to TimeLog Project for affiliating with projects and consolidating project finances
  • Status views on transfers via included integration log showing any conflicts and their solutions.

The benefits of standard integration

There is no need to worry about coming versions – we will make sure the integration fits all current and future versions.

Our standard integration guarantees:

  • An optimum system for all employees
  • Minimal consultancy expenses
  • An integration feature supporting several future scenarios
  • A project- and time-management system in constant development
  • An integration feature that is guaranteed compatible with new versions of TimeLog Project
  • An integration feature that is compatible with future versions of NAV
  • Savings, as you can choose to limit the number of financial-system licenses.

The integration feature is developed in cooperation with consultants from Abakion and Axdata, software and integration developers for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Work smart…

In 15 minutes, we can give you an overview and find out if TimeLog Project matches your needs.

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