Transfer data to Visma Løn and save time on the salary administration

Visma Salary

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Transfer salary time to Visma Salary

Create synergy between the daily time tracking and the monthly salary administration.

Rid yourself of bothersome workflows and duplicate entries in two systems. You can now transfer time and salary data from TimeLog Project directly to Visma Løn (300 and 600) with just one file (.CSV eller .TXT).

In TimeLog Project, you can view data on holidays, flex and other absence in your daily work, whereafter the bookkeeper can easily transfer the salary time to Visma Løn for further processing. Using the specific Visma export file, you can easily extract end-of-month data on flex, time off in lieu, holidays and salary hours for all employees to help you manage salaries efficiently – without duplicate or erroneous entries.

Advanced salary and flex management

If you wish to expand your salary management system with e.g. the in/out registration feature or the flex management feature (in connection with employer/employee agreements), you can purchase our TimeLog Salary module. The module lets you manage the more complex aspects of salary times by simply transferring data to Visma Løn before starting the salary process.

With TimeLog Salary, you can create rules for group-contract employees, allowing them to monitor their own flex-time balance.

The file integration for Visma Salary works both with and without TimeLog Salary.

Kjell Svanström explains how Active Solution has automated all salary administration by integrating TimeLog Project with Visma Løn.

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