User-defined weekly timesheets: efficient time registration

User-defined timesheets: efficient time registration

With our user-defined timesheets, you can easily adapt your weekly schedules to fit your particular method of time registration. In this blog entry we take a closer look at setting up the user-defined timesheet in TimeLog Project.

Why set up a user-defined timesheet?

Because it’s a clever tool which provides employees with a clear view of their work in connection with tracking time. Linking only active projects for a given period, employees are spared the entire list of projects, in which they factor as resources but aren’t necessarily allocated hours. This saves time on time registration and offers a clear view of the process, with only the relevant tasks shown on the list.

Avoid missing projects

By default, TimeLog Project includes the project tasks, to which an employee is linked on the timesheet. However, problems may arise in activating the user-defined timesheet: the week number changes, causing the given task to disappear from the list because the employee hasn’t registered any hours during this new week. If the project is linked to the user-defined timesheet, despite the employee being listed as a resource only (i.e. no allocated hours), the project will still be active on the timesheet.

How to create a User-defined timesheet

To link a project to the user-defined timesheet, first select the timesheet from the main menu in TimeLog Project (F12).

Next, select User-defined timesheet from the filter drop-down menu:

En -1

Next, select User-defined timesheet from the filter drop-down menu:

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Click Add project tasks to timesheet.

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A pop-up now lets you link tasks from allocated projects to the user-defined timesheet by ticking the tasks to be included:

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Once these tasks have been selected, click Save and close. Repeat this process for all projects. This creates an entire project-specific portfolio for the user-defined timesheet.

Removing projects

Once a task or project is completed, time registration is usually closed. An automatic closing feature removes tasks and projects from the timesheet, even if they were originally linked to the employee’s user-defined timesheet.

If you wish to remove other projects from the timesheet, simply click Hide next to each task.

En -5

Project phases are now removed from the list of linked projects on the user-defined timesheet.


Remember: your system administrator can help you configure the user-defined timesheet in case you need to try it out. Or you can contact us at


Thomas Ljungqvist

Thomas Ljungqvist