Adjust the public holiday calendar and salary codes in TimeLog Project


Now Christmas is approaching, and it is time to update your Holiday Calendar in TimeLog Project. Otherwise all bank holidays will show as normal working days as of January 1st.

It is seen on the flex account immediately, because the January 1st 2014 is a normal day of the week and the employees will be in minus from day one when they get back to work.

In TimeLog Project it is now possible to import the calendars for Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Denmark under System Administration > Normal Working Time & Holidays > Public Holiday Calendars.

Calendar 2 

When the calendar is imported, it is based on the standard language of the system and also country. Here an example for Belgium:

 Calendar 3

It is possible to delete public holidays and register how many hours a day should account for. Also it is possible to create special red-letter days and add them to the standard calendar in the system. If you e.g. do not work May 1st, you can easily add this to the calendar:

 Calendar 4

Afterwards the new public holiday will be placed between the other public holidays. At the same time it is possible to delete already established public holidays such as Constitution Day from the imported calendar.

NB: It is a good idea to check which calendar the employees are linked to on their employee card.

Remember to also adjust salary codes

When you are importing a new public holiday calendar for the coming year, you should remember the salary codes. Salary codes can be illness, flex etc. For example, there is no reason for counting illness hours for the entire period of employment; this can be done with a yearly number, which can be adjusted at the turn of the year.

 Calendar 5

Holiday and flex should not be included in the resetting, since this is typically done on an ongoing basis.

To adjust salary codes go to Management Reports > Staff Administration > Holiday/FLEX/Absence Administration and choose what parameters should be reset (click the link New adjustment):

 Calendar 6

Reset e.g. illness or do a yearly count, which the employee can draw on. It is a great opportunity to keep an eye on the employee’s number of days of sick. If there is a demand regarding number of sick days in the employment contract, this is a great way to keep track of potential violations.

 Calendar 7

Also, take a look at the salary codes that with advantage can be adjusted, e.g. maternity leave and medical consultation are typical areas, which need yearly assessment and adjustment. 

Pernille Wilken Gaustad

Pernille Wilken Gaustad