Salary code groups in TimeLog Project – how to divide salary time

Salary code groups

With TimeLog Project’s new salary code groups you have the opportunity to differentiate what salary codes the employees can register time on.

The new salary code function makes it possible to divide the employees in different groups with certain salary codes, which are relevant for the individual group of employees. A salary code group can e.g. be a specific department, a specific type of salary contract or a location abroad.

Why salary code groups?

The individual employees often work under different collective agreements, in different countries or have different terms of employment, where the relevance of the salary codes varies for the individual employee group. That is why it is suitable being able to divide the employees into salary code groups with relevant salary codes for work time, flex, vacation, illness and maternity leave. Illness and flex time are e.g. not relevant for freelancers, but fulltime employees might need to register time on e.g. maternity leave.

When an employee is associated with a salary code group, it is possible for the employee to make registrations on the salary codes associated to the group. It is not possible for the employees to see or register time on other salary codes than their own.

How do you access salary code groups?

The function Salary Code Groups is integrated in TimeLog Project Enterprise Edition. You can nevertheless access the function if you are a Business or Team customer, by purchasing the modules TimeLog Departments or TimeLog Salary. 

Anne Katrine Johansen

Anne Katrine Johansen