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Did you know that interruptions and ad hoc tasks take up 40% of your workday?

You have probably tried interrupting a colleague or being interrupted yourself, because information on a project that you or your colleague could not find was needed.

Now, you can be spared for maybe five percent of these interruptions, as you can click the new icon in TimeLog Project's resource planner and open an info box similar to the one known from the weekly timesheet. The info box shows project and task descriptions and links directly to the project.

Simple overview

If you use the resource planner to provide the employees with an overview of their planned work, this is a simple way to communicate all relevant information to enable them to solve their tasks with the right background knowledge.

As a new feature, you can now choose to show the columns Remaining work and NPW (Non-planned work) in the resource planner. In this way, you can simplify the view in the ressource planner, so you only get the information that is important to you.

Show task description shows an info box with information about the project:



Further information about the task or project is found here:



Click the menu next to the project or task you need information on. Here the menu next to a project or task is clicked:



Click Project information or Task information:  



This opens an info box for the project/task.
Click the link to get forwarded to the project or task.
The link opens in a new window.




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Melanie S. Nielsen

Melanie S. Nielsen
Melanie S. Nielsen
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