Have you ever felt stressed when leaving for vacation?


4 pieces of advice for leaving on summer vacation without stress

The summer vacation is just round the corner, which for many people means rest and recreation. Unfortunately, for many people the vacation starts with a vast number of stress hormones in the body due to hectic days just before the vacation.

Have you also tried to start your vacation with numerous stress hormones in your body?

For mysterious reasons, the summer vacation often comes as a surprise for many people. Nevertheless, the same pattern repeats itself year after year.

About a week before the vacation, panic starts to spread: The inbox is full to overflowing with tasks and projects to be done and finished before you can leave for vacation with an easy conscious. The long working days put a strain on you, but what to do? The work needs to be done, and the world does not stand still just because you are away for a few weeks.

Does it have to be like this every time? How to leave for vacation without stress

The summer vacation is just round the corner. How about getting at the forefront of things by:

1) Think in time realistic terms when you say yes to tasks:

  • Can you finish the task before your vacation?
  • Can it be "on hold" while you are away?
  • If not, who can take over?
  • Is it better solved by a colleague, who is on vacation at a later time?

2) Block time in your calendar to clean up and finish current cases. Book one or more two hours slots in the last weeks and days leading up to the vacation. Then you can work your way through the piles nice and easy within normal working hours instead of stressing yourself.

3) Match expectations with your surroundings, both internally in the organisation and externally. Let people know when you are on vacation and when the last deadline is for tasks to be handled before the vacation.

4) Before leaving for vacation, it is a good idea to book time for reading and answering e-mails once you are back. The inbox is with guarantee full, and it takes time to work your way through hundreds of e-mails.

I wish you a stress free start on the summer vacation!

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Trine Kolding
Expert in planning and time coach, Trinekolding.dk

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