TimeLog introduces our company for Trump

Introduction video of TimeLog

TimeLog introduces TimeLog Project in this video - made for the new president of the united states!

Video transcription

Dear mister President, 

Welcome to this introduction video about TimeLog ...it’s gonna be a great video - it’s going to be absolutely fantastic. 

Our founding father is Søren Lund, he’s great – we love him, and we have been fighting stupid project management systems for 15 years and they still can’t beat us ...can’t do it - total losers.... and they are still shit now, by the way.

We built a platform, it’s the best platform in the world. We have all the best features, all the other features failed. We’ve got apps for iPhone and Android - which have to be the best apps in the world. You can track time, you can manage time and you can grab ‘m by the project – it’s fantastic.

We have great customers, the best customers in the world. They’re really rich too and getting richer every day, let me assure you - that’s part of the beauty.

People tell us, very important people - they tell us we’ve got the best integration that god ever created ...it’s just unbelievable, you should tell your project leader to prepare all their invoices here ...you won’t copy-paste at all ... zero - it’s ridiculous. 

And last but not least, we’ve got a great great great dependancy on new business ...its huge ...if you don’t buy from us, you are going to make our problems great again ...they’re going to be huge - they’re going to be enormous, ...it’s true, so please buy from us.

We understand finance systems first, but can we just say that 'TimeLog Project is second'? …is that okay? Now thank you for watching and best wishes ...we’ve got the best wishes over at TimeLog ...theyre great - its true.