Contract management in TimeLog Project

Contract management

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Strenghten your project management

If your desk is covered by Excel sheets and homemade reports, and if you spent time on manual processses to keep track of contractual issues on your projects, TimeLog Project's contract and value mangement will do you good.

Contract management is an important process in your business, to keep you on top of things and keep track of revenue on projects, service agreements and customers in general. It is a management tool that gives your business a great leap forward and provide you with the large overview of your compliance with customer agreements. Where do you make money, and where is it a bad bargain?

Contracts for different needs

Only a few companies can sell their projects and services on the same contract type. Therefore, we offer eight basis contract types to keep track of both your financial contractual obligations towards customers and your internal financial reporting supporting mangement of bonus schemes and invoicing.

The eight contract types are:

      • Time & material – Standard contract
      • Time & material – On account with end-balancing
      • Time & material – On account with periodic balancing
      • Time & material – Prepaid hours
      • Fixed price – Standard contract
      • Fixed price—Task driven revenue
      • Fixed price – Continuous service
      • Fixed price – Continuous item invoicing

Manageable setup

When you create a project on a customer, you get a mangeable contracts page, where you can easily overview the progress of the customer’s contracts and in detail control how value creating activities are divided on tasks, employees and deliveries. Everything is continuously updated based on the employees’ time trackings.

Your new opportunities with TimeLog’s contract management

A project can have an umlimited number of different sub-contracts.

You also have the opportunity to separate the project plan and the project economy, to allow project managers to break down and budget internally in the organisation without affecting the agreed contract. This makes it possible for you to budget according to the contract value and the actual time consumption. The project manager receives a notification close to exceeding the budget to be able to react in time.

Decide where value is placed

Many companies struggle getting the true insigt of their project economy when buying services from suppliers to their customer projects. This is possible in our contract management. In practice, this means that e.g. travel time and expenses can be separated from the main contract and extra deliveries are managed separately within the same project. You decide what amount external costs are of the value of a contract.

All in all, our contract module provide unique flexibility for managing your project and contract economy. You get a strong financial mangement with overview of project progress and your financial results.

White paper

Read more about contract management and the eight contract types here.

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