Customer management is easier with TimeLog Project.

Customer management

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Successful customer management

TimeLog Project is designed for companies with close customer relations and the need for fast status updates and documentation.

Clear communication between customer and supplier is the key to every project. TimeLog Project offers tailor-made reports and functions to support efficient customer/supplier dialogue. Status reports, project overviews, Gantt charts and much more make it easy for project managers to inform customers of a project’s progress and any obstacles along the way.

Proper documentation

Some customers require more documentation than others. Whether this documentation is in the form of targeted reports or detailed invoices, precise time tracking using TimeLog Project enables you to keep your customer informed in precisely the way they prefer.

If your consultants work on-site, you can also create a monthly approval report to be signed by the customer and the consultant.

Information on demand

Give your customers the documentation they need when they need it. Using the integrated TimeLog Extranet, your customers can view any information you have made accessible to them. As fewer status emails go back and forth, and customers no longer need to contact you regarding previous invoices, this saves time for you and your customers.

Add sales and pipeline management

With TimeLog CRM, your card index of customers and contacts is expanded with sales and pipeline management. This way, sales processes and project work are connected and can be used to get a clear view of customer activities overall.

TimeLog CRM is fully integrated with the project management feature of TimeLog Project, making it possible to convert an opportunity into a project. Using TimeLog CRM, your sales department can monitor their pre-sale activities and measure their efficiency, while your marketing department can create mailing lists for campaigns.


Our aim is for management to free up time from corporate operation and reallocate it to business development in order to avoid the growth limit experienced by many.
Søren Pommer
CEO, Gluu Inc.

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