Time tracking and management of work in progress.


The clear financial view

From simple hourly/case management to in-depth key figures and reporting opportunities. In TimeLog Project, you can start simple and extend the functionality as the customers’ requirements change.

Many auditors need a business system for management of both simple cases and the more project related customer tasks.  Whether your customer has hired you for handling the annual report or for ongoing financial guidance, you need to manage your time consumption and your economy to get a clear view of your activities.  

Save time on administration of hourly rates

Many auditors annually make an indexation of their hourly rates.  With TimeLog Project, you can make a transverse indexation of your hourly rates on all projects; also your customer specific hourly rates.

If you work with customers using foreign currency, you avoid difficult translation of currency. You can create separate price lists e.g. per customer or country/currency.

Management of work in progress

If you focus on monthly management of work in progress, e.g. due to many long fixed price projects, TimeLog EVM may be a useful investment.   In this way, you may save time on running depreciation and appreciation of registered hours.

Based on simple time tracking you get a strong tool for analyses where you can follow revenue, work in progress, utilisation (internal/external %), excess solvency/deficit and much more.

Integrations that save time

Invoice in TimeLog Project to have the entire project economy compiled, and thereafter transfer your invoices to your financial systems, e.g. e-conomicAxapta or NavisionWe integrate with more salary and financial systems, so you can save time on administration, and thereby use your time on advising customers.


Setup and implementation of TimeLog Project take place over a period of 2-6 weeks.Within this period lie 2-6 days of training (depending on your needs) with a TimeLog consultant who after 2-3 months use of the system will host a follow-up workshop to pick up on experiences with the system.


”TimeLog Project integration for e-conomic is brilliant. We used to print invoices from TimeLog Project and enter them into e-conomic manually once a month.”
Bo Langtoft
Partner, Ecovis

Work smart…

In 15 minutes, we can give you an overview and find out if TimeLog Project matches your needs.