Time tracking for PR and marketing agencies

PR & marketing agencies

  • A detailed view over time schedules
  • Insurance that all registrations are invoiced
  • Effective resource and customer management
  • The clear view: customers and projects
  • Overview of what projects and customers give the best value

There is no measure for creativity, but there is for time

For many agencies, time is a difficult dimension because customers often need quick feedback, and it may be difficult to remember when and how much time was spent.

For many agencies, time is a difficult dimension because customers often need quick feedback, and it may be difficult to remember when and how much time was spent.

In PR and marketing agencies urgent tasks often come in from the sideline. You therefore need a solution that satisfies your needs when it comes to time tracking and management of customer projects.

Solid documentation for creative work processes

With a system that makes it possible to track time in seven different ways, you always have documentation in real time ready for reporting to customers, management and the accounts department. In this way, you can see what projects and customers are most profitable for the company. In other words, the time tracking shows in writing where you earn money, and where you do not.

Manage your projects and economy

When you get an overview of your time consumption, you get a strong financial overview of your project portfolio.You get clear key figures on your performance, so you can react in time on possible exceedings of budgets or deadlines.

With our resource management, you can immediately see if you have time for new projects, and if there are periods where you are missing projects in the pipeline.

Eight different contract types gives you the opportunity to separate the time you spent on project with potential expenses such as media budget, external consultants or Google Adwords on each single project.This makes it possible for you to budget according to the total contract value and the actual internal time consumption.

It is possible to add several contracts on each project and in this way manage how value creating activities should be distributed on tasks, employees and deliveries.

Share information with your customers

With TimeLog Extranet, you can allow customers to follow the progress on their projects, see invoices and much more; you decide what each single customer is allowed to see.  In this way, they are up to date on the progress without you reporting directly to them; they can collect the information they need themselves.

Integration for financial and salary system

If you need transfer of date to your financial or salary system, we offer integrations for a number of business systems, among these Microsoft Dynamics Navision/Axaptae-conomic and Visma Administration. 


Setup and implementation of TimeLog Project take place over a period of 2-6 weeks.Within this period lie 2-6 days of training (depending on your needs) with a TimeLog consultant who after 2-3 months use of the system will host a follow-up workshop.




“Every offer is based on reliable time estimates, and we’re constantly improving our estimation skills based on our experience with TimeLog Project.”

Anna Porse Nielsen
CEO, Seismonaut

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