TimeLog is specalised in premium customer service

Premium service

Close contact

At TimeLog we mean it when we want to offer the industry’s finest service. We live after the motto Value Your Time and are much more than just a product; we are your partner.

We listen

With TimeLog, you get more than just a standard system for time registration and project management. Our products are the result of close cooperation with customers who have helped optimise the system since TimeLog was founded – and will continue to do so. That’s why we’re serious when we say that TimeLog customers deserve industry-leading service. To us, it’s simply common sense.

Quality service is serious business

At TimeLog, we strive to offer premium customer service before, during and after system implementation. That’s why we have dedicated supporters – they’re willing and able to answer any questions that may arise in connection with the implementation and use of the system. Standing by on a daily basis, we cherish feedback. That’s why we contact all our customers at least once a year to make sure TimeLog Project stays your time registration solution of choice.

Meeting customers several times a year

Several times a year, we host events with tips and tricks to optimise your TimeLog Project experience. Free of charge, these events provide an opportunity to network with other TimeLog Project users and share knowledge and experience. Our in-depth seminars, for example, highlight system features, while our informal MeetUps forum is your No. 1 source for discovering new features and answers to your questions.

Facilitating knowledge sharing – internally and externally

One of our main objectives is to have the happiest customers on the market. To that end, we develop instructional material in the form of guides on various tips and features in TimeLog Project. It’s our way of providing all employees with a means of unlocking the system’s full potential. The more knowledge is at your disposal, the greater the benefit of using TimeLog Project.

Last but not least …

You’re always welcome at TimeLog.

Contact us via email or phone, or swing by our Copenhagen or Stockholm office for a chat and a coffee.

To us, you’re not just a customer ID. You’re our No. 1 priority and an important partner.
Farooq Rashid

In TimeLog, we make sure that you are always covered, no matter how specific your needs are. 


We host several productive annual events which you can read about here: