When combining TimeLog Project and e-conomic, time registration and project management are coupled with financial management and bookkeeping.

With TimeLog Project, you can manage your time registration and project finances, as well as transfer invoices to e-conomic to be included in the accounts and in debtor follow-ups. 

Save time on maintenance and updates

Customer data, contacts and invoices can be controlled using TimeLog Project. Easily access your e-conomic information, such as addresses, Danish CVR numbers, EAN numbers and invoice recipients. At the click of a button, TimeLog Project invoices are transferred to e-conomic as invoice drafts featuring key information, invoice lines, prices and invoice texts. You can then add invoice lines to your invoice directly from your e-conomic product list.

Quick and easy setup

Integration is quick and free of charge and requires no additional configuration of the two systems. In TimeLog Project, integration is activated by entering your e-conomic log-in credentials in order to connect.

Read our configuration guide to the integration with e-conomic. 

An attractive alternative to costly ERP systems

TimeLog Project integration for e-conomic links all consultancy firms’ management requirements in a single, web-based business platform. This is a one-time setup, after which data is seamlessly transferred between the two systems. This makes integrating TimeLog Project with e-conomic an attractive TimeLog Project alternative to large and costly ERP systems.