Significant advantages of integration

Synergise your in-house workflows with TimeLog integrations supporting simple as well as complex needs.

TimeLog Project allows your business to grow while ensuring that your in-house systems keep up – from fledgling company to multi-national corporation. For both scenarios, most companies have several systems to manage their business, so using TimeLog standard integrations provides cohesion between your systems, as data is automatically synchronised and updated.

Start simple - grow complex

Your IT requirements change over time, which is why it’s important to be able to scale your solutions to meet business needs without having to replace entire solutions, e.g. when you grow from ten to thirty employees within a few months.

At TimeLog, we provide the opportunity to “start simple – grow complex”, which is our way of saying you’re free to build on standard features in TimeLog Project and include more complex solutions within e.g. sales management, help desk and business intelligence.

To us, providing market-leading management systems and meeting your needs optimally by connecting everything in one homogenous solution is essential. That’s why we constantly strive to expand our range of standard integrations.

Online ERP system without the need for maintenance

Large ERP systems are both expensive, time-consuming and demanding, and they are rarely specialised in e.g. time registration or sales management. Utilise the opportunity to integrate “best of breed” systems on the market, e.g.:

Develop your own integrations

Should our standard integrations not meet your needs, you can always develop your own using the TimeLog Integration API, which enables you to configure data exchange between your TimeLog Project systems and other IT systems. 

File integrations to facilitate workflows

In addition to offering standard integrations and customised automated integrations with TimeLog APIs, we offer file integrations for companies that don’t need one large homogenous solution. File integrations are export formats customised according to your salary or financial system’s import requirements.

A sample file integration is our invoice export, enabling the formatting of data into a CSV or TXT file for import into other financial systems.

With customised file integrations, you save time on manual data entry is as well as having to customise import files every month.