Effective knowledge sharing

  • Effective knowledge sharing
  • Integrated document management
  • Centralised documents
  • Streamlined project management


SharePoint 2010 in Office 365

Enhance productivity with the TimeLog Project/SharePoint 2010 integration feature.

With this integration feature, managing document sharing and providing users with offer, contract and requirement specification overviews is a breeze. In addition to a document overview in the customer’s or the project folder, TimeLog Project offers an overview of when documents were last changed and by whom.

Document access using SharePoint 2010 via TimeLog Project.

This integration feature links project and customer management in TimeLog Project with document access in SharePoint 2010 to facilitate your workflows. TimeLog Project automatically creates individual customer and project folders in SharePoint 2010, which are then one-click-accessible via TimeLog Project or SharePoint 2010.

Document classification

In addition to the standard configuration, the SharePoint 2010 integration feature also provides document classification by customer or project. To view a document immediately, simply click the link.

No consultants needed

SharePoint 2010 integration is free of charge, and the setup is simple and requires no technical know-how. You don’t need to customise SharePoint 2010 to benefit from this integration feature. However, it does require Office 365 as well as the web-based or desktop SharePoint 2010 solution.