Managing a major organisation

TimeLog Departments helps manage major organisations with many employees and multi-level departments.

Hierarchical department structure

TimeLog Departments lets you divide TimeLog Project into multiple standalone departments analogous with your company structure. TimeLog Departments supports hierarchical department structures with super and subdepartments with up to four levels.

Access is department-specific

A manager’s access to data and reports is limited to their own department and any subdepartments. The higher your position in the organisation, the more department data is at your disposal, and in turn the more data is available for you to compare across departments.

More clarity

With TimeLog Departments, TimeLog Project by default shows only the projects, employees, etc., affiliated with your own department and any subdepartments. This makes lists and overviews clearer.

ABC: Activity-Based Costing

TimeLog Departments saves a department’s affiliation with both employees and projects, providing you with insight into which employees are working on projects for other departments.

In particular, the value added by staff departments is more apparent, e.g. when the HR department participates in recruiting for other departments. This particular department analysis is useful for creating a basis for interdepartmental invoicing. The report features multiple views, e.g. hours, internal costs and invoiced value.

Department reports

All TimeLog Project reports can be customised to include data from either single departments or the entire company.