Professional support

With TimeLog Help Desk, your support services are as flexible and effective as possible. Using automated invoice lines and quality measurements, all focus is on finances. This also provides a clear view of the profitability of support cases.

User-friendly support

With TimeLog Help Desk, providing support for customers is as easy as pie. All support is web-based via a shared interface from which it is possible quickly to create support cases, generate complete histories and view attached files and logs. Afterwards, the customer is notified and able to log in to TimeLog Extranet to follow the progress and dialogues in the case. Consolidating support dialogues in TimeLog Extranet saves you and the customer endless correspondence, and it promotes knowledge sharing. TimeLog Extranet is also the portal for a customer to log a support case.

Support cases and associated projects can also be distributed between Help Desk employees. This way, TimeLog Help Desk always shows you which projects have given rise to the highest number of support cases and, consequently, resource allocations.

More profitable support

TimeLog Help Desk combines daily support activities and time tracking, resulting in automated invoice lines. In other words, TimeLog Help Desk helps ensure that more support activities are invoiced. TimeLog Help Desk supports three types of support contracts: time consumed on a minimum use, multiple-case or subscription basis.

Once an employee handles a support case, invoice-ready documentation and registration is automatically created. This ensures consistent support profitability.

Measurable quality

TimeLog Help Desk helps set up various quality criteria for each support activity, e.g. the time between logging a case and closing it. These criteria are then used in various TimeLog Help Desk quality reports to illustrate support quality. This process enables you to keep track of support costs and resource distribution.

Attach files

An additional feature of TimeLog Help Desk is the opportunity to attach files to support cases: screenshots, emails, etc.

Having one centralised location for all documentation means that support staff can quickly get a clear view of a given support case – and ensure its swift and effective resolution.

Professional operations

TimeLog Help Desk is customisable according to your needs. This applies to distribution of responsibility, support contracts and quality criteria. As a result, the entire support operation is streamlined, eliminating the risk of forgotten cases and ensuring adhesion to agreed policies. Ultimately, TimeLog Help Desk is an intuitive and user-friendly web-based support system.

A part of TimeLog Project

TimeLog Help Desk is fully integrated with TimeLog Project This means that employees who have tracked time on support cases will be able to view time consumption details on their weekly timesheet and in all relevant reports, including the revenue generated by the employee or customer.

Also, TimeLog Help Desk uses the same employees, customers, user rights and interfaces as TimeLog Project, making implementation completely hassle-free.