Project management

  • Constantly updated project finances
  • Accurate, cost-effective project management
  • Supports complex contract types
  • Compatible with simple and complex projects
  • Provides a clear view of the project portfolio


Efficient and easy project management

Give your project managers the tool to help them to manage rather than to struggle with paperwork.

Many project managers spend more time on paperwork than they do on managing their projects because they have to juggle with multiple-source data for time consumption, budgets and project scheduling. TimeLog Project is designed to help you save time on routine tasks, as all project data are consolidated in one place. This frees up time for project managers to do what really matters: manage projects.

Efficient project scheduling

A project plan with up to five levels with task plans and project templates leaving you to modify exceptions only. The internal communication within the project is strengthened with useful ETC tools, and gives the project manager an overview of the progress to always be one step ahead with tasks and important deadlines. 

Keep your projects on the right track

Using project forecasts the project manager can easily manage pipelines and book resources to ensure that you are well-prepared for upcoming projects. On the basis of one of six possible factors, TimeLog Project calculates a single key figure: the project factor, which represents a project’s viability. This feature also enables you to compare all projects regardless of scope.

Contract-specific payments

TimeLog Project handles several contract types: time & material, fixed price and multiple-case. Furthermore, different contract types can be combined within the same project and managed using the project’s payment plan. TimeLog offers a market-leading feature; advanced calculation and distribution of values on fixed-price projects. This is found within the TimeLog EVM module (Earned Value Management) which helps you handle work in progress.

Let your project managers handle invoicing

Where invoicing is concerned, project managers often have better insight than the company’s finance function. Revenue and invoice precision can often be increased if you allow project managers to handle invoicing in TimeLog Project and then allow the finance department to handle the rest.

Project reports and documentation in an instant

In just a few minutes, the project manager can retrieve precise reports and deliver updated documentation for status meetings or customer meetings, saving several hours of preparation time. The Gantt chart feature in TimeLog Project is an invaluable tool for visualising project scheduling and monitoring development. Report data are exportable to other applications and formats, including Microsoft Excel and XML, and can be integrated into other systems via The TimeLog Reporting API.