Managing your ressources

With a clear view of employee workloads, scheduling projects and deadlines is easy.

For most companies, getting an accurate view of current resource loads during peak periods is extremely difficult. Using TimeLog Project for time tracking and project management, your company’s project management and workload is automatically calculated in real time – and tied in with project schedules and budgets. No more guessing and no more complex spreadsheets! TimeLog Project helps you schedule efficiently.

View resource loads while scheduling

When you create new projects, you can immediately see the workloads of linked employees for the duration of the project, making it easier to decide whether to reallocate events to others or to allocate more resources.

A personal, hourly budget for each project assignment and for each employee is key to obtaining the most valuable and precise view of the company’s workload. TimeLog Project then calculates the future workload of each individual resource, taking into account already completed work, holidays, scheduled days off and normal employee working hours.

Easily (re)schedule resources

TimeLog Project’s Resource Planner is the ideal tool for getting a clear view of company resources in an Excel-like format, making editing and resource allocation a breeze. Get instant overviews of total workloads at employee or organisation level for any given period.

View earnings potentials as amounts

In addition to showing the distribution of hours on events and projects, the resource planner retrieves data from hourly rates on projects. This means that you can instantly see the financial consequences of resource planning in the next period shown as total potential earnings.

Static and dynamic resource loads

Project workloads are typically dynamic, i.e. they require more and more work from employees the longer they go without attending to them.

On the other hand, the workload of operational events is typically static, as e.g. an employee in charge of ongoing server management or attending regular weekly meetings is not becoming increasingly busy due to not finishing the event or time tracking it.

In TimeLog Project, each event can be designated as dynamic or static, after which the system generates a very accurate view of the company’s current workload.

Automatic or manual resource scheduling

TimeLog Project normally calculates workloads per employee per event. The workload for each event will then be distributed evenly from start to finish.

Often, reality is another matter – for example, if a lengthy project is put on hold or during peak periods. Using the TimeLog Project Resource Planner, you can overrule the system’s calculated workload and even have it apply to the project’s budget, thus maintaining synchronisation of overview, budget and schedule.

Another option is to simply exclude your employees from a project’s budget and instead leave this to the resource plan in connection with scheduling the project. This is often seen in large project-oriented companies where employees are involved in several projects simultaneously and a resource coordinator is designated to scheduling.

Schedule follow-ups

Often the biggest challenge in using IT resource management solutions is not scheduling but rather how to manage sudden changes.

In addition to the Resource Planner, the TimeLog Project resource module contains a newly developed tool for evaluating schedules. The tool is aimed at the process of continuously following up on agreed weekly plans for each employee – a management model often used in SCRUM projects. The tool is based on work booked per week using the resource planner, which is compared with registered work for the same week. This makes follow-ups on the completion of booked tasks easy, and it shows non-booked tasks which a given employee has worked on in a given week.

Using this view, individual follow-ups on work schedules with employees, department members or project workers are made easy. Afterwards, rescheduling remaining events while maintaining the original plans is just a few clicks away.