TimeLog Skills

  • Search the shared skills database
  • Allocate skills to projects – and vice versa
  • Employees can easily update their own CVs
  • Easy management of external consultants’ CVs
  • Get an overview of if you are lacking specific competences


TimeLog Skills is a database of company skills allowing you to add them to projects directly.

With the TimeLog Skills add-on, you can enhance TimeLog Project and enjoy the benefits of the optimum skills management tool. 

Using TimeLog Skills, each employee maintains their own CV, while managers or project managers update those of external consultants. 

Search for and allocate skills to projects directly

You can search your company’s skill database and view a list of resources with the skills you need. You can then allocate selected employees to the project. 

This feature not only saves time on creating projects, it’s a highly useful feature for adding additional employees, and you can view their workloads throughout the project. 

Once the CVs of employees and external consultants are entered into TimeLog Skills, sales representatives and managers can easily search for specific skill combinations. Enter skills, languages etc. in TimeLog Project to match your company’s areas of expertise.

Print employee CVs

Whether you want to attach CVs to large tender responses or submit them anonymously, TimeLog Skills lets you print CVs in different ways. TimeLog Skills ensures a uniform layout and enables printing via Microsoft Word.

Manage external consultant information

Adding external consultants to TimeLog Skills makes it easier to keep track of previously employed consultants and their specific skills. This makes it easier to match skills with your projects.



For Xedis, TimeLog Project has become the pivotal tool for managers and administrative employees alike.

Johan Debruyne
Partner, Xedis

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