Time tracking

  • Invoice more hours with exact time tracking
  • Both online and offline time tracking
  • Choose the solution that fits you
  • Track time using a web browser, iPhone or Android
  • Use data for personel development


Work smarter, not harder

The employees’ time is the greatest asset of any modern company. Consequently, well-documented and optimised time consumption is important, but at the same time it has to be as hassle-free for the employees as possible.

At the office, at home, at the customer’s premises, using the smartphone, on the go … TimeLog Project is a flexible and portable solution. The more precise your time tracking is, the more accurate your invoicing will be. 

Thanks to the overview provided in TimeLog Project, employees find it easier to commit to projects and estimate time consumption – which, in turn, provides a clear picture of the cost-effectiveness of projects, employees and customers. Also, access to personal and overall time tracking budgets on a project basis helps strengthen project communication and increase efficiency in the long run. And who doesn’t need that? 

Seven ways to track your time

Every company has its own needs, which is why TimeLog offers seven different ways to track your time. Customising your own time-tracking options according to your needs and workflows is easy.

  • Detailed timesheet (easy time tracking)
  • Weekly timesheet (matrix on a weekly basis)
  • Time tracking in Outlook (easy set-up!)
  • Time tracking on smartphones (free app)
  • Time tracking on mobile phones (for regular mobile phones)
  • TimeLog Tracker (install it on your computer's desktop)
  • Help Desk (tracks time when you support customers)

Read more about the seven ways to track time

Simple time tracking; in-depth reporting

Each individual time registration holds several factors, including internal costs, sales prices (for time-based and fixed-price projects alike), invoiced values, employee functions, customers, project types and task types, etc. This means that simple time tracking can provide detailed documentation for management as well as customers as and when they need it.

TimeLog Tracker with GPS and alerts

Besides its obvious purpose, the TimeLog Tracker app for Android and iPhone now guides you directly to a customer’s name or phone number without having to switch to other applications. As an added benefit, the app utilises the smartphone’s GPS hardware to provide you with directions or a phone number.

Track more than time

Using the user-defined comment field, you can do more than simply track hours and provide general comments. You can track time spent on a specific external support case, or track a count, product number or something entirely different.
This function is available in all time tracking interfaces in TimeLog Project and in TimeLog Tracker for iPhone and Android smartphones. The user-defined comment field can provide each time tracking with a unique identifier, providing an excellent basis for invoicing.