TimeLog Project FAQ

Answers to the most common questions

General use 

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    I forgot my password, how can I get a new one? 

    Contact one of your internal TimeLog Project System Administrators - they will be able to supply you with a new password. System administrators can also change the passwords of other system administrators.

    If you are the only system administrator in the company please contact TimeLog’s Support-team for help with getting a new password.

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    I miss a feature/report - is there anywhere I can send requests for product-expansions? 

    If you have any suggestions for new features or reports in TimeLog Project, feel free to send them to us at service@timelog.com or see our LinkedIn User Group for more information.

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    How come I can't see the same as my colleague? 

    Users in TimeLog Project has different access levels and this defines which reports are available to you in TimeLog Project.

    Read more about the Access levels in TimeLog Project.

    If you're missing a report please contact one of your internal TimeLog Project System Administrators.

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Illness, flex, vacation and absence 

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    Why can’t I register illness and vacation? 

    Probably because your access level is too low.

    Users with the access level External Employees cannot register illness and vacation - to do this the employee must hold at least the access level of Project member.

    The access level for an employee can be changed in the system administration under Employees.

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    I'm missing public holidays for the new year, where can I add them? 

    You can add new holidays in System Administration and Public Holiday Calendars. From here it's possible to edit a Public Holiday Calendar and add new holidays manually or import a standard calendar which can be edited later.

    Read our user guide:
    Creating a Public Holiday Calendar
    Editing Public Holiday Calendars

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Project administration 

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    I have re-started a project - why does it not appear in the Weekly Timesheet? 

    All task are still set to completed when you re-start a project, and in order to be able to enter time on them again you will have to change the status to in progress for the task needed.

    The easiest way to do this is at the project on the tab Project Plan.

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    Is it possible to move registered hours from one project to another 

    Yes. Simple registrations can be moved by the employees themselves on the detailed or weekly time sheet.

    A user, who is assigned the role as Coordinator in the System Administration under Employees, can also move other employees’ registrations between projects.

    In both cases, this is only possible if the registration has not been invoiced and the task is still active.

    See how to do this here:
    Editing Registered Time in the Detailed Timesheet

    If you need to move an entire tasks see how to here:
    Move a task to another project

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    Why can’t I find an employee in the list under allocated employees on a task 

    If the employee is already allocated to the task he/she will not appear in the list. Instead you will have to edit the existing allocation for the employee.

    Get to know more about allocating employees to tasks in this user guide:
    Allocating employees

    Another reason could be that the person's profile has been inactive and now is active again. When an employee is set to inactive he/she is also deactivated in the resource groups on all projects - this is however not changed back to active if the profile is reactivated.

    You can reactivate an employee on the needed projects under the Resource Group tab.

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    Why can’t I delete a project? 

    When employees have been allocated to a project or hours have been registered, the Delete button to the right of the list of projects Search for Projects turns grey and the project cannot be deleted.

    If you want to delete the project, you will have to move all registrations and remove all allocations.

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    How do I change the customer of a project? 

    Find the project in the project administration and select the tab Information. Select a new customer from the list of customers.

    Once parts of a project have been invoiced it is no longer possible to change the customer.

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    Why can’t I move a task as a sub-task to another task? 

    Main tasks that have sub-tasks attached must be empty, that is no registration or allocations must be made to them.

    A main task is just an empty box in which to place the sub-tasks. For this reason employees are not able to register time on a main task.

    Read more about the construction of main - and sub-tasks in this user guide:
    Breaking Down a Project into Tasks and Activities

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System administration 

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    How do I erase an employee that should not have been created? 

    Employees can be deleted in the System Administration under Employees. Click delete to the right of the employee.

    Employees who are allocated to projects or have registered time cannot be deleted. You will be notified if it is not possible to delete the employee.

    Alternatively, you can change the activity status from active to inactive by clicking Edit, and then removing the tick in Active Employees. Inactive employees cannot be selected in TimeLog Project.

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    How do I create an hourly rate for a specific customer? 

    Customer specific hourly rates are created in the System Administration under Hourly Rates in the section Finance/invoicing.

    Here you can select New customer price list and then the customer and price group the new customer specific price list is for.

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TimeLog Help Desk 

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    Why is the customer not in the list when I need to create a support case? 

    If you, when creating a support case in TimeLog Help Desk, cannot find the customer, then make sure the customer has been created in Customers and Contacts (or in TimeLog CRM). If you can find the customer here, the problem is caused by the customer’s status.

    In TimeLog Project you select the status of each customer. For each status you can select whether this gives access to support.

    A customer’s status is set in Customers and Contacts (or in TimeLog CRM). Customer status is configured in the System Administration under Customer Status.

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