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Here we offer a number of videos for you to get off to a flying start with TimeLog Project.

Getting started  
Short videos for first-time users on setting up the system and using its basic features.
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An introduction to TimeLog Project  | 3:08 min.General introduction to time registration, project management and invoicing using TimeLog project. 
Creating a project  | 2:05 min.Find out how to quickly create a project and manage your budgets and resources. 
Allocation of resources  | 1:37 min. Find out how to quickly allocate resources for your project, allowing employees to start tracking their time immediately. 
Time registration in TimeLog Project  | 1:36 min.Watch our brief video on the many ways to track your time using TimeLog Project. 
Invoicing using TimeLog Project  | 2:04 min.Find out how to get a clear view of your invoicing potential as well as how to easily create invoices. 
Reporting in TimeLog Project  | 1:55 min.Get a brief review of the most frequently used reports in TimeLog Project. 
Brief introductory videos on setting up TimeLog Project and using its various features and add-ons.
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TimeLog CRM.  | 4:51 min.TimeLog CRM offers expanded sales management features such as pipeline and task management. 
TimeLog Help Desk  | 08:30 min. Manage your customer service, and keep track of your quality targets as well as which customers are supported the most. 
TimeLog Departments  | 5:31 min.TimeLog Departments help you manage the need for Department structures of up to four levels. 
TimeLog Extranet  | 5:00 min.Easily share project data with customers via TimeLog Extranet, which offers project and invoice overviews, etc. 
TimeLog Skills  | 05:38 min.This CV database offers an overview of in-house and external resource skills. 
Holiday registration in TimeLog Project  | 4:02 min.Learn how to quickly register holidays in TimeLog Project, providing a clear view of resources for the entire company. 
TimeLog Tracker  | 03:51 min. TimeLog Tracker is a desktop client offering precise time registration as well as online and offline use. 
Webinars are more lengthy videos providing in-depth information on specific workflows or processes in TimeLog Project and its add-ons.
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Introduction to TimeLog Business Edition  | 56:03 min.Get an overview of the features in TimeLog Project. 
Introduction to TimeLog Team Edition  | 38:47 min.Get an overview of the features in TimeLog Project Team Edition, intended for small companies. 
Time, holiday and expense registrations  | 48:14 min.Get an overview of the TimeLog Project time registration clients and how to track holidays and expenses. 
Flex, absence and holidays  | 31:00 min.Find out how to easily manage Flex, absence and holidays using the TimeLog Salary add-on. 
The project manager’s toolbox  | 49:04 min.Discover the many features available to project managers using TimeLog Project. This introduction covers both creating projects and reporting. 
Resource management  | 58:00 min.Using the integrated TimeLog Project resource management feature, you always have a clear view of each employee's work load. NOTE! This webinar discuss the old resource manager in TimeLog Project 
Financial project management  | 59:08 min. Get an introduction to financial project management using TimeLog Project, as well as an overview of the various calculation models. 
Fixed-price projects without the EVM add-on  | 45:11 min.Find out how to manage fixed-price project finances without the TimeLog EVM add-on. 
Fixed-price projects with the EVM add-on  | 38:38 min.Find out how to manage fixed-price project finances using the TimeLog EVM add-on. 
Managing multiple-case contracts  | 50:06 min.Discover the possibilities of using TimeLog Project for managing multiple-case contracts. 
Billing and financials  | 55:49 min.This video covers invoicing and financial reporting using TimeLog project. 
Management reporting  | 36:12 min.In this video, we cover management reporting and the most frequently used reports for company performance overviews. 
Sales management in TimeLog CRM  | 45:59 min. A detailed introduction on the TimeLog CRM add-on, this video explains pipeline, opportunities and task management. 
An introduction to TimeLog Salary  | 33:49 min.Discover the possibilities of using TimeLog Salary. Choose between in/out registration or expanded salary time using the weekly timesheet. 
TimeLog Help Desk  | 56:07 min.Find out how to manage your support department using TimeLog Help Desk, providing clearer overviews and increased invoicing.