The financial controller

  • Clear view of the invoicing potential
  • Integration for the financial system
  • Exact overview of work in progress
  • Salary data for salary mangement
  • Financial key figures overview

The financial overview

TimeLog Project is a powerful tool for the financial controller, who needs to read the values of completed and current jobs, and invoice customers on the basis of time registrations and fixed-price contracts.

The financial controller primarily uses TimeLog Project for invoicing and salary administration usually once a month.

From a simple overview, you are able to create invoices per project or customer.Invoices are created freely based on the entered time registrations, contracts and expenses.Appreciations and depreciations of hours and value, rebates, and annotations are managed on the invoice.Finally, invoices are booked and transferred to the financial system using an integration or by manual entry in the financial system.

If your project managers are making their own invoice drafts, you can make quality assurance before booking the invoices.

With eight different contract types, you get flexibility when it comes to supporting the needs you have as a company regarding contract management.  With TimeLog Project's contract management, you can manage both your financial contractual obligations towards customers and your internal financial reporting supporting management of bonus schemes, value creation and invoicing.

Manage your work in progress

With the TimeLog EVM add-on module, you or the project managers can perform revenue recognition of added value of finalised tasks to automatically determine current tasks and revenue based on employees, projects, customers, departments or the entire company.

Key figures in real time

You can deliver the needed key figures for your management each month using our reports, and provide the full overview of the company’s performance. You may also use our Reporting API to make your own specialised reports.

Salary management

TimeLog Projects provides you the information needed for handling salary including held vacation, absence and expenses. In particular, expenses are entered by the employees using TimeLog Project’s integrated travel expenses module, which keeps track of billable expenses, allowances and mileage. These data can be exported to a comma-separated file compatible with a series of popular financial systems or an Excel spreadsheet for further processing.



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