TimeLog Project implementation

  • Customise TimeLog Project to meet your needs
  • Gain valuable knowledge on best practices
  • Find out how to roll out the system for your entire organisation
  • Our starting point is your projects
  • We’re available before, during and after the implementation process

Efficient implementation

Make the basic decisions with us beforehand, and save time later on.

What are your needs?

The implementation process is entirely up to you. We offer multiple options for online and offline implementation, depending on your needs.

Companies with up to 25 employees
Small and medium-sized companies can take advantage of our standard workshops. We also offer a wide range of attractive solutions and package deals to suit the needs of most small to medium-sized companies.
Our workshops are run by one of our highly skilled consultants with years of experience in customising TimeLog Project and the expertise needed to provide advice on best practices and daily operations.

Companies with more than 25 employees

For large companies, we focus on clarifying the many different workflows of the company’s departments, allowing for optimum customisation of the system.

TimeLog Project is designed to make life easier for all its users. The implementation process revolves around an accurate specification of the requirements for functionality and workflow. The implementation process will therefore be tailor-made to fit each individual organisation.

This process is unique in that we customise the implementation of the system specifically for your company – and we won’t leave until you’re completely familiar with it. That’s why large companies often opt of our project-managed implementation.

Choose the solution for you

Standard implementation: You manage your projects as well as the implementation process. We provide two or three workshops, during which we help you set up the system to match your workflows and train your project managers and possibly additional users. This type of implementation usually runs to 10–15 hours of consultancy in the form of workshops.

Project-managed implementation: One of our highly skilled consultants assumes the role of project manager and runs the implementation process. We coordinate individual events for each project manager, and run two or three workshops, during which we set up the system to match your workflows and train your project managers and additional users.
A project-managed implementation usually runs to 25–30 hours of consultancy in the form of project management and workshops, and any custom introduction videos based on your workflows.

You can also choose to handle the implementation yourselves. We offer a range of user guides and videos to help you implement the system yourselves. In our experience, however, consultancy at a later time is usually required for you to fully utilise the system, as our consultants provide best practices based on other companies of your industry.

Following the implementation of TimeLog Project

Following the implementation process and a reasonable period of use, it might be a good idea to assess whether your solution is still the best one for you. Often, conditions in your company have changed since you started using TimeLog Project. In this connection, we inquire into your workflows and offer support in the form of system adjustments.

Where should we meet?

Our workshops are available as face-to-face meetings at your premises or ours, or as online sessions. The workshops have individual benefits, but you choose what’s best for your organisation.

Online workshops: We share a screen and converse using a headset or telephone. You either share a computer, maybe with a projector, or use individual ones. Obviously, this form of workshop entails no travel and related expenses.

Face-to-face workshop on your premises: Our consultant gives a presentation and works with you at your premises. With this type of workshop, it’s also possible to teach individual teams in relevant sections of TimeLog Project.

Face-to-face workshop at TimeLog’s premises: The workshop takes place at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. The workshop itself is carried out in exactly same way as on your premises, except there are no distractions. With this solution, you’re also given the opportunity to meet our customer service department and put names to faces of the people that will be providing you with support. You pay for travel and related expenses, and we offer meals and refreshments.

We look forward to getting you off to a flying start with TimeLog Project.

New and existing customers alike benefit from our workshops. Contact me to learn more about the possibilities for your company.

Pernille Gaustad
Pernille Gaustad

Pernille is one of TimeLog’s experienced consultants. Every day, she helps customers unlock TimeLog Project’s full potential. If you would like to draw on Pernille’s skills and experience or simply learn more of the various implementation options, feel free to contact us.

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