The project manager

  • Keep track of deadlines
  • Project economy overview
  • Easy configuration of the project plan
  • Get an overview of your resources
  • View projects expected to exceed budgets

Manage your projects and economy

You get the full project progress and invoicing potential overview with a solid project management tool

Project managers primarily use TimeLog Project as a project management tool to create and segment projects into installments and benchmarks using system time allocations and deadlines. Project scheduling can be imported from MS Project or created from scratch in up to five stages using drag and drop, and can be illustrated using exportable Gantt charts.

Manage your resources

You may budget on project, task and employee level. When you add resources to your projects, you immediately see how booked they are within the same period of time. This enables you to solve any resource challenges right away.

Advanced contract management

TimeLog Project meet the needs of project managers to handle complex contracts on projects.TimeLog offers eight different contract types, including prepaid hours and on account invoicing, with the opprtunity to create a project with an umlimited number of different sub-contracts. On each contract, you can attach documents (e.g. detailed descriptions or the signed contract).

TimeLog’s contract management provides the full overview of your progress on customer agreements, and you may separate the internal project budget with the agreed contract. This provides the project manager with a strong management tool in his/her everyday life.

Create your own project invoices

Many knowledge companies allow project managers to invoice using TimeLog Project as a management tool. Booking invoices and transferring them to the financial system via an integration module in TimeLog Project is possible. In this way, you have access to all relevant information on invoicing and a better estimate of future projects based on previous financial experience without logging into your financial system.


Work smart…

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