The project member

  • Track time online and offline, via web interface or smartphone
  • Keep track of flex, holidays and other absence
  • Report travel expenses, allowances and other expenses
  • Complete overview of affiliated projects
  • Monitor expected workloads in the upcoming period

The clear view

TimeLog Project is an efficient tool when you as a project worker need to report time and expenses and get an overview of your tasks.

The project worker primarily uses TimeLog Project to report time and expenses in connection with projects quickly and efficiently; a task many find tedious. That is why it should be easy, and only require little effort to ensure correct time tracking.

You can report expenses and mileage and get an overview of planned and held vacation and see an actual balance of the flex account. Since all these can be tracked in TimeLog Project, you have all information at hand and do not need to contact the financial or administrative departments asking for details or a status.

Get an overview of your tasks

You have the opportunity to get an overview of the planned tasks and see your personal budgets and deadlines, which among other things are visualised in graphical time schedules (Gantt charts) and in the personal resource planner. This provides you with detailed overviews of project progress and your personal workload, allowing you to quickly react to peak load periods.



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