The resource coordinator

  • Keep one step ahead when planning deadlines
  • View the resource load in real time
  • Assess capacity for new projects
  • Utilise static and dynamic workloads for scheduling
  • See your future earnings potential

Meet your deadlines

Using TimeLog Project, the resource coordinator can get a clear view of employee workloads, which helps your meet your deadlines.

The resource coordinator uses TimeLog Project to prioritise which employees to book for certain projects and when, based on budgeting, schedules, planned holidays, absence and normal working hours.

Based on TimeLog Project’s resource planner, you may re-book tasks, rearrange schedules and change the workload of each single resource during the course of the tasks.

See offers and earnings potential

As it is possible to add projects to TimeLog Project that are still at the offer stage, you can get a clear view of all scheduled and pre-booked resources, making capacity assessments for new projects in a given period of time easy. This minimises the risk of double booking of resources.

When you have planned your resources, you may see the future earnings potential with a single click, if you follow the plan.



Work smart…

In 15 minutes, we can give you an overview and find out if TimeLog Project matches your needs.