The customers says...

  • Increased revenue
  • Administration tasks are minimised
  • Budgets are kept better than before
  • All billable hours are tracked
  • Employee performance is optimised


What is the value of using TimeLog Project?

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Our customers range from small to large, from national to international.

And even though many of them are in the consultancy business, every company  has different needs. Below you can find out how TimeLog Project can help companies  in a myriad of ways.


New videos

The most user friendly time tracking system

Mikael Rasmussen, Carve Consulting, only spent one and a half hour on configuring TimeLog Project. After a flying start, the company is now efficiently managed - with a minimum of time spent on administration. Watch the video or read the story.


Efficient resource planning keeps projects and budgets on track

As for the digital agency, byBrick Interface AB in Sweden, TimeLog's resource planner tool ensures that project deadlines are not exceeded. The main reason for that is because the follow-up processes on booked vs planned work are so easy to do in TimeLog Project. Therefore, every project is delivered on time.



Integration to Visma Salary and e-conomic

Less administration of salary, effective bookkeeping and improved project handling - that was the new reality for Active Solution AB when they changed to TimeLog Project. After outsourcing the administrative work the employees are now spending their time on the most important projects instead.


TimeLog Project makes sure all hours are tracked

At Proactive 120 consultants use TimeLog Project to track their time. It makes sure that all billable hours are tracked, and that the projects are under control. Manager Peter Østerballe-Christensen tells more about the value of TimeLog Project. See the video below or read the customer case