One system is all you need

The systems and processes that support your daily operations – in particular the ones that affect all your employees – are not often replaced. Finding a system to meet your company’s needs for years to come is essential.

TimeLog Project is designed to adapt to features and workflows in knowledge companies in particular. As the company grows, so does TimeLog Project, with new features and support functions. This way, the system is never more extensive than your needs, nor is it ever limited by future developments.

The size of your company, as well as its age and position, is essential for finding the perfect solution. In the following are a few examples of current company profiles that use TimeLog Project:

What about the users?

However, size isn’t everything when it comes to tailoring an IT system to a company; workflows and the everyday lives of the people involved are equally important.

TimeLog Project is aimed at project-oriented companies and organisations for whom time is the most important source of income and/or value creator. These companies often have employees which can be divided into the following categories with individual TimeLog Project requirements: