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18,900,000 registered hours 100,000 projects created 757,000,000 EUR invoiced

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  • TimeLog offers overview and insights into our core business projects. Moreover, it’s a very user friendly and flexibly tailors to your specific needs.
    Teun Sluijters
    Managing partner, Public Impact
  • Håkan Gill, byBrick tells how TimeLog helped to improve their budgetted time
    Håkan Gill, byBrick tells how TimeLog helped to improve their budgetted time
    Our projects cover everything from 20 to 600 hours. In TimeLog, we break down the projects into smaller tasks, which is easier for each employee to focus on.
    Håkon Gill
    Creative Director and Business Developer, byBrick
  • Since 2011 we fully rely on TimeLog for our project administration and time tracking. TimeLog is a robust and reliable system that we are all very happy to use. Thanks to TimeLog we have complete control over time, revenue and invoicing.
    Arjan Pelgrim
    Planning & Control, Ximedes
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