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Cross platform time tracking

OPTIMISE YOUR WORKFLOWS  Try the #1 Professional Services Automation platform

Make time tracking a no-brainer, release financial project management to project managers, add intelligence to resource planning and automate invoicing to grow your profit.

Cross platform time tracking
Project management

PROJECT PERFORMANCE  Power up your projects

Get the tools, data and templates to power up your projects from start to finish. Access everything in one place.

  • Project and invoice templates 
  • Easy budget control 
  • Contract management 
Project management
Automated invoicing

GROW YOUR PROFITABILITY PER HOUR  Manage your time so you can manage your business

Creating transparency is the first step to the insights necessary for you to create results. With TimeLog you gain a consistent data foundation that creates transparency. And it starts with your time tracking.

The results? We guarantee that you will find 1 extra billable hour per user per month.

Automated invoicing


Feel like trying a tool that lets you manage a more profitable business?

Try TimeLog for 30 days - no strings attached - and see how it feels like to drive an even more profitable and transparent company with less manual administration.

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Integrate your time tracking and invoicing

GET FULL FLEXIBILITY  Integration is key 

With a true best of breed PSA solution, you get the best of both worlds:

  • Top class features like time tracking, resource and project management, finance and invoicing 
  • Out-of-the-box integrations to +15 accounting and salary systems 
  • API for data integration & reporting, so you can build your own connections
Integrate your time tracking and invoicing



With TimeLog you can

  • Track time when and where you want: Mobile, desktop apps, web timesheets and Microsoft Outlook
  • Register absence, flex, mileage and gather expenses and receipts in one place
  • Get an intelligent task search engine that will save you time and effort
Get effortless time tracking
  • Structure, plan and budget projects your way. Ensure simplicity and save hours with templates
  • Manage, mix and control all contracts and project types: Subscriptions, prepaid hours, fixed price, one-off products or a combination
  • Get full control of hourly rates and reduce time spent on annual price indexation to a minimum
Power up your projects
  • Produce 100+ invoices in 1 minute with invoice automation
  • Reduce manual labor and redundant work with integrations. In general, our customers spend 50% less time on invoicing
  • Know your forecasted revenue at the end of each month. TimeLog assigns revenue to every hour you track even before you have booked any transactions
Automate your invoicing now
  • Track, measure and visualise company, project and employee KPIs
  • Keep track of project plans, spent hours, resources and budgets with minimal time consumption
  • Access all data in one location. Use our standard reports or exports to Excel, through custom integrations, our API or to your favourite BI-tool
Get reporting in real time
See all features now
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Why our customers choose us

  • Before we started using TimeLog, we used Excel spreadsheets and spent a lot of time invoicing. We were not done before the 10th of the month. With TimeLog we invoice on the same day.
    Britt Eggert Behrend Business Manager Specialisterne
  • Earlier, we found out too late, if we weren’t making profit on a project. Now we can react immediately. I can substitute employees to the project, if it isn’t staffed properly.
    Jacob Olsen CFO Mølbak
  • TimeLog is an insanely powerful tool and it works really well. We save one day a month on invoicing.
    Frederik Sandgrav CEO Sandgrav Solutions
  • TimeLog was the system that could solve most of our challenges and live up to our demands regarding project management, time tracking and the invoicing flow.
    Allan Hime-Laurberg Senior Business Partner Inspari
  • TimeLog is intuitive, and there's a good connection between mobile, the desktop tracker and the web browser. And it's great that you can approve records and runs. So you can see what you have handled.
    Grith Høegmark CEO Einfach


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