Anonymise data from former employees 

You can anonymise former employees in TimeLog. This means that data cannot be traced back to a specific person, but you can still use the data in your reporting.

This helps you to have both complete and correct data while complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When former employees are anonymised, they will be transferred to a single anonymous system user. Here, data from all terminated employees will end up as anonymised data to ensure that it cannot be attributed to a specific employee at a later date.

How to set it up

Under General settings in the System administration, you need to navigate to Personal data protection. Here you make your anonymisation setup.

You decide yourself when data are anonymised and/or deleted if an employee is no longer employed.

This is what the setup looks like:

It is on the same page, where you enter your data responsible.

Last updated

This page was updated on 19 July 2023.